Making Microsoft Office WORK for YOU

Improving your productivity

I help businesses who struggle with getting the most out of Microsoft Office to work with it more efficiently and productively through training, consultancy & support.

Productivity Consultant or Trainer?

Have you ever watched you team thump their computer in frustration?  And have you ever wondered how you could get more out of your day and your team?

Some clients’ have called me a Business Timelord as I have shown them and their teams how to use Microsoft Office more effectively, creating more time in their day, less stress for their teams and more profit on their bottom line.

So, if I could show you how to get back a day a month, and you multiplied that through your team over a year – just how much time would that create and much more money would you make? 

If you’d like to know more about how that’s done, let’s have a chat.

How I help

The starting point is always: What will a good resolution to your challenge look like?

Is it a well trained team, a specific Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation built to meet a need or simply an effective support solution; Or a mixture of all three?

Once we’ve confirmed that, we can look at specifics.

  • If it’s a training solution, then what is the most effective way for your team to benefit and which version of Office do you use (because what’s the point of training them on a different version)?
  • If it’s a “design & build”, then how can we achieve this efficiently? For example, if it’s for data analysis, can we extract the basic information directly from your accounting system to avoid the need for (& reduce any potential errors in) manual input?
  • If it’s a support solution, how much and how often do you need help?

Colin’s approach was very bespoke in that he visited site to understand the team day to day challenges and he created and delivered a unique package that suited the teams’ needs in full, in a fun and relaxed style. The team gave great feedback on the day and have since said to me that they have implemented some of the “gems” they learned. Colin has indeed saved time and boosted the teams’ confidence in gaining new skills.

How will I know it’s worked?

In simple terms, a less stressed, more efficient team and, over time, more profit on the Bottom Line (“High Fives” optional!).

The course material closely followed the training, with files already prepared to speed up the practice sessions, but what impressed me most was Colin’s ability to take real situations from a business environment and find practical solutions.

Colin’s industry background sets him apart from many other trainers as he has a deep understanding of peoples’ day to day lT frustrations and welcomes specific problems only to then demonstrate how to solve them.

Microsoft Office Training

The most important resource of every organisation is its people. Providing timely and effective training can…

  • Ensure that people improve their efficiency at performing their job
  • Allow them to increase the contribution that they make
  • Develop skills for the future, new jobs and new technologies

I provide a variety of Microsoft Office training solutions to meet these needs

Microsoft Office Consultancy

Contact me today to understand how I can help transform the reporting in your organisation… Putting control back into your hands.

I can do it in a fraction of the time you could (after all I am sure that you can provide your core service or product far more quickly and effectively than I could hope to…), so my consultancy services are there to help your business become more effective at what you do best

After all, it's never too late for a solution


Microsoft Office Support


Whether we want to or not, many of us have to work with Microsoft Office but sometimes there are “challenges”…, perhaps we’ve forgotten how to do a VLOOKUP or IF Statement in Excel, need a reminder on the finer points of a Word Mail Merge or get rid of those dodgy animations in PowerPoint.

My Support Options are designed to help with those ‘Quick Fixes’. Ranging from telephone or email support to onsite visits to advise you on how you could get even more out of Microsoft Office!


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