Microsoft Office Consultancy

It's never too late for a solution!

The depth of my experience means I can assist in the design of your Spreadsheet, Document Layout or PowerPoint presentation, even producing them for you, leaving you free to concentrate on  running your business. Remember: “It’s NEVER TOO LATE” for a solution!

Some of the topics I have created and produced solutions for include:

  • Management Accounts
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Sales & Margins Analysis
  • Dashboards

Solutions to these topics assist my clients to take improved control of their business.

What our clients think...

I (would like) to thank (US4B), whole heartedly, for the help in turning my very basic PowerPoint presentation into something which some clients would pay a considerable amount of money for. The presentation was slick, to the point and highly professional; not only that, but Colin even had time to sit with me so he could fully understand the reason for the presentation and how I wanted it to look as a finished article. …Nothing (was) too much trouble, (US4B) take time to really understand what you want, keep you updated throughout the process and then make sure that the finished article is exactly what you wanted… and in my case it far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Colin and his services to any of my clients and friends because he is friendly, very knowledgeable, highly skilled, well respected, kind and he really wants to know your business to best help you.

Richard Black – Relationship Director – Santander Business Banking

Service Features

Speed of implementation

You can run your business far better than I could; at the same time, I’m probably better at making Microsoft Office jump through hoops than you are.

So why not take advantage of an additional resource to get your Spreadsheets, Presentations & Documents up & running more quickly? 


Take back control

Whether through more efficient reporting & the use of Dashboards, Key Performance Indicators and detailed, timely analysis, with my accounting background, I can help transform the reporting in your organisation…Putting control back into your hands.

Saving your time

The case studies and testimonials on my website regularly refer to the saving in time and effort that my interventions has brought into a business.

Whether it’s just a few hours or a day a month, would you and your business benefit from additional time to focus on what you do?


Business Timelord?

Have you ever watched you team thump their computer in frustration?  And have you ever wondered how you could get more out of your day and your team?

Some people call me a Business Timelord as I have shown them and their teams how to use Microsoft Office more effectively, creating more time in their day, less stress for their teams and more profit on their bottom line.

If you’d like to know more about how that’s done, let’s have a chat.

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