Microsoft Office Training

Tailored Training

The key to successful training is ensuring that the ‘right’ training is delivered to meet the needs of a client. ALL of my training delivery is tailored to your unique requirements.

Specifically, I deliver:

  • Bespoke training based upon the requirements of the individual
  • Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels
  • Floor walking to support users when they need help
  • Surgeries to answer specific queries

All delivered specifically as part of a wider company programme, tailored training ensures that clear deliverables in terms of increased productivity and effectiveness are achieved to help meet the businesses objectives.

What our clients think

Colin provided some Advanced Excel training for me. The skills I have learned from Colin have enabled me to improve the quality of the service I offer to my clients and significantly reduced the time taken to produce my monthly Management Reports. I found the export of data from Sage into Excel particularly useful and I am now able to produce much more sophisticated detailed reports in a fraction of the time it would have taken me before. All in all, well worth the investment and highly recommended! Thanks Colin.

Tracey Booth 80:20 Financial Management

Service Features

Which version?

My training focuses on the most popular versions of Microsoft Office: from Office 2007 through to the latest Office 2016 and Office365 (I believe that I should amend our training to your version, rather than force you to fit in with the latest version). Each course is covered over the course of a day at three different levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. Courses can be run either at your premises or at a venue that I can source. 

Solving "niggles"

Whether I’m running a customised course, or a standard Foundation, Intermediate or Advanced one, the first question I ask on the course is always: “What’s your biggest ‘niggle’ with…?” as, by solving that problem, I know that I’ll be making an instant impact into that delegate’s working day saving them time, effort & stress

Mixed Applications

I prefer to deliver customised training courses to make them better value for you and your Business. By offering mixed applications across the Microsoft Office suite , I can ensure that the training delivered focuses on a specific task

As an example, I could…

  • Cover typing letters in Word,
  • Then using an Excel database to personalise each of those letters with a mail merge,
  • and show your staff how they can use the same word letters to produce mail merge emails using outlook…

All on one day for a set daily rate rather than – a 1 Day Foundation Word Course at £x, a 1 Day Foundation Excel Course at £x and a 1 Day Foundation Outlook Course at £x

Business Timelord

Have you ever watched you team thump their computer in frustration?  And have you ever wondered how you could get more out of your day and your team?

Some people call me a Business Timelord as I have shown them and their teams how to use Microsoft Office more effectively, creating more time in their day, less stress for their teams and more profit on their bottom line.

If you’d like to know more about how that’s done, let’s have a chat.

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