Resources & Tools

Here are links to some of my favorite resources and tools

Some of the places that I find useful are…

For some great ideas on Excel (or just for some very bad puns & a craik), then Anne Walsh (aka The Excel Lady) is someone great to know

As is Shelley Fishel who, if you’re a Virtual Assistant (VA) needing to be more productive, has some great resources

If you’re looking to do anything online, then there’s only one place to go & that’s to the UK’s leading expert in this area: Ginette Tessier’s site at Get That Course Online

If you’re looking to develop your team, then Ian Crossley of Performance – Workplace Development Ltd helps businesses to build more effective teams by increasing self-awareness and team communication (using Insights Discovery). In addition, Paul Harris of Real Success Ltd helps businesses and organisations to recruit, engage and align their staff to build the future leaders of their organisations.

Making outbound sales calls isn’t something that many people enjoy, however, Audrey Bodman of Outshine Ltd can really help your team develop their skills

If you’re a trainer or coach, then you really do need to consider joining Trainer Talk – a fantastically supportive community of like-minded individuals run by Sharon Gaskin 

And finally, if you’re looking at doing some Business to Business networking, then the organisation of choice for me is Business for Breakfast

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