Creating a Powerpoint presentation to help with a client rebranding

The Client’s problem

Accountants have always “suffered” with a perception of being “boring” & “grey” – all courtesy of the Monty Python sketch: “The Vocational Guidance Counsellor”. So, when we were approached by a colleague from that profession, we were pleased to note that the recent rebranding that he had commissioned was bright & vibrant. However, the PowerPoint presentation that he had produced to support his Business Spotlights at networking events was more Python than Panache & certainly didn’t reflect his new branding; we were challenged to help.

How we solved it

The first stage was to obtain from his graphic designer copies of his new images, including details of the colours & fonts used. These were then incorporated into a vibrant presentation, reworking the key points from his original draft to ensure that all of the key points were included and ensuring that the colours, fonts & logos matched his new rebranding to help reinforce this.

The benefits for the client

The client received a presentation that focused on the 5 key areas of his business with sufficient information to engage & inform his audience in expanding on these themes, whilst at the same time being able to be delivered, without rushing, in an 8-10 minute timeframe.

In addition, we produced a “timed” version looped to run continuously to support attendance at seminars and exhibitions.

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